Connecticut has a fundamental responsibility to provide a first rate education for all children regardless of the neighborhood in which they grow up. A great education has the power to positively affect all aspects of a child’s life, and set them on a path for success in the future. Connecticut has one of the most educated populations in the country thanks to our top-level public education system and our highly competitive universities, but we continue to suffer from one of the largest achievement gaps in the country. We must ensure that all of our children have access to our excellent teachers and facilities, and need to continue to improve on our success across the state by keeping education a priority for the legislators in Hartford.

As State Senator, Dwyer will use his experience as Chair of the Fairfield Board of Education to ensure that all schools in the district are given the financial resources and autonomy necessary to provide the best possible education. Dwyer was nominated as Chair with bipartisan support, and has consistently put the needs of children first when searching for solutions to the problems that face education in Fairfield.

With the 2015-2017 Biennium Budget cutting the education costs by $83.7 million, we need leadership in Hartford that can get the best return on the resources available. Dwyer has the experience necessary to effectively negotiate for the diverse needs of the 28th district, while identifying which aspects of our current system can be made more efficient. Dwyer used his time as Chair to work with other elected officials to protect the high standards that have made Fairfield County such an attractive place for families to raise their children. When elected he will bring his experience and commitment to Hartford.


The horrific tragedy that occurred in Sandy Hook, and the other innumerable acts of senseless gun violence that have plagued our country, are clear manifestations of an inability to pass effective gun safety legislation. On the federal level, the GOP’s refusal to stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby has made the advancement of common sense gun laws impossible, despite 90% of Americans supporting the expansion of background checks.

Following Sandy Hook, Connecticut acted swiftly in the passing of gun safety legislation that banned the purchasing of assault weapons and high power magazines. Despite the advancements we have made, gun related crime continues to affect minorities and low socioeconomic communities in our inner-cities at disproportionate rates. Gun law reform is an issue that has received bipartisan support in Connecticut and should continue to be aggressively pushed forward in Hartford.
Now is the time to further establish our state as a leader on common sense gun safety legislation and will send a message to the NRA by spearheading legislation to overturn Connecticut’s open carry gun policy. The values of the NRA do not reflect the values of the 28th district and when elected, Phil will fight to ensure that they have no influence over our state’s laws.


During his twenty-year career as the CEO at the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, Phil was responsible for hundreds of jobs right here in Connecticut. Phil’s experience working and overseeing financial projects in different parts of the state has provided him with unique insight into Connecticut’s economy and what it takes to create sustainable jobs.

We have the best educated young workers in Connecticut, but they are leaving the state for work because of the lack of economic opportunity here in Connecticut. As your State Senator, Phil will introduce legislation that will reinvigorate Connecticut’s economy by creating new incentives for small businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in Connecticut, work in Connecticut, and hire Connecticut workers.


Our transportation infrastructure is central to ensuring that Connecticut remains a desirable place to live and work. The congestion on I-95 and the Merritt Parkway, and the constant delays on Metro North are a daily obstacle for commuters, companies and small business owners. We need to repair our roads and rails and develop a modern infrastructure plan that will keep Connecticut competitive.

As State Senator, Phil will develop creative solutions to our transportation problems by implementing new ideas and fighting for the transportation “lockbox.” He will fight for repairs for obsolete roads and rails, which will only necessitate a [consistent] financial investment in the future if neglected.

In order to cultivate a competitive economy that rivals Boston and New York, we need to create a modern transportation infrastructure that will allow our economy to grow right here in Connecticut.


Balancing Connecticut’s budget will be critical to getting our fiscal house back in order. Solving our budget problems will require creative solutions drawn from real experience.

Phil believes in organically growing our tax base through attracting new businesses and residents to Connecticut. At the same time, Phil will work to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in government while engaging the private sector in working to balance our budget in Hartford.

Phil’s background as an executive at the YMCA uniquely qualifies him to manage large scale budgets. During his tenure with the YMCA, he managed multi-million dollar budgets and reduced major deficits. Phil has made the tough decisions about allocating limited resources while improving services. In this budget climate, this is exactly the experience Hartford needs.

There is no simple solution to the budget issues facing Connecticut – it will take a room full of people with experience like Phil using their collective expertise to find concrete answers.