Letter: Dwyer understands Fairfield

To the Editor:

While we’ve seen hate and anger pervade our country’s political dialogue in the past week as never before, we can hardly say this comes as a surprise. The venom that was being spewed forth even during the primary campaigns by Donald Trump has been unprecedented for a major-party candidate in modern times. No one should be surprised at how it has intensified since he began. Anyone who is has not been paying attention.

Which brings us to the race between Phil Dwyer and Tony Hwang for State Senate. This past week, Mr. Hwang finally put out a public statement declaring that he will not be voting for Donald Trump. Many — even during the primary season — were quick to realize that Mr. Trump is not only unfit for the presidency but embodies an ideology and understanding of what America stands for that is profoundly contrary to the political and governmental ideas and ideals held in Fairfield, Newtown, Easton, Weston, and Westport. In the speech that kicked off his run for the presidency, over a year ago, Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers. Since then, his misogynistic, hateful, and divisive declarations have only increased and magnified.

So why did it take so long for Mr. Hwang to publicly say he would not vote for Trump? The Republican nominee has made it only too clear over the past months and months what disdain he holds for so many of America’s people and for so many of America’s ideals.

Phil Dwyer understands that Fairfield is a town that respects and cherishes the diverse background of each and every valued Fairfield resident — in policy, practice, and philosophy. For 40 years, as an executive for the YMCA, he demonstrated this commitment and went on to emphasize it as chairman of the Fairfield Board of Education.

These values — Fairfield’s values — are crucial for making the choice, on Nov. 8,for the person who will represent us in Hartford. I hope you will join me in voting for Phil Dwyer.

Carlisle Spivey


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